MAXIM Indy 500 Party 2016

The Indy 500 is unquestionably the largest motorsports event gathering in the nation with over 400,000 attendees and promises to be the most publicized, fan and celebrity attended race weekend ever as we celebrate the 100th running of the Indy 500.

Maxim was there in full force to kick it off with the ultimate, VIP pre-party event experience inspired by fashion, art, music and racing with 2,000+ attendees including A-List Celebrities, VIPs, and Racers.

As with all Maxim events, there was theatrical lighting, concert level sound, strolling performers, living art model vignettes, and of course….great music…with Maxim resident DJs, performers and this year’s headlining performance by Tiesto!

Produced By: Karma International
Filmed By:
Alex Curson, Billy Ward
Edited By: Alex Curson

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